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Which shows in the product image. They will try to give the product. But the company has updated the products.
So you will get update products. Because products are made into a company. not us.

Best Online Shopping Store Sports Goods Products in India

Privacy Policy


ADISHOPKART consider protection of customer privacy as one of the important principle for doing business. ADISHOPKART clearly understands that both Buyers and their Personal details are important assets of ADISHOPKART.  
ADISHOPKART stores and process customer Information including all sensitive financial information captured based on Information Technology Act, 2000. ADISHOPKART current Privacy Policy is displayed on the Privacy Policy Page. If customers are having objection towards customer's Information being transferred or used in mentioned way then it is recommended that please do not use ADISHOPKART Website.

The information captured by ADISHOPKART

ADISHOPKART captures, stores and analyses collected data via any of its platforms and stores. It includes all such data which are shared by customer at time of making purchase at store or via website. The following information is requested from customer: 

  • Mobile/Email/Landline
  • First name/Last name
  • Postal code
  • Opt-in preference SMS/EMail

Such data helps us in taking necessary measure for customer's protection while using any products at time of sport activities. Bulk production can sometimes cause defective manufacturing. The moment we identify the same, we ensure to contact customers and update about the risk. Data captured via various forms which get embedded at time of communication which is send across to customers are used by us internally at time of events, and tournaments which we organize at our store.

 How ADISHOPKART processes captured customer data?

Customer safety is important to us - If a need arise where we need to contact our customers for safety reasons at time of using the purchased product, we connect to make the customer aware and if needed give option to Buyer for exchange/ refund or for repair of product at no additional cost. 
We are offering 48 hours refund policy in case the product is not as per customer requirement. Request of exchange or refund will be accepted within 2 days of receiving the product.
We use contact details for forwarding promotional messages and other important information which can be vital for our customers. Data capturing is done with consent from customers. If wished customer can opt -out from such communications at anytime.
To allow customers getting the advantage of referral programs, contests, promotional deals or events which are organized by ADISHOPKART we send communication in shared contact details.
To modify business practices and to make experience of users better we make research and analytics done using customer data. We use it to contact our dissatisfied customers for resolving issues and grievances.

We in particular make use of email addresses to send information about changes in privacy policy or about new products and services. If customer does not wish to receive this newsletter, they are open to unsubscribe from the links, and we will not be sending any more newsletters from us. We commit that we will abide by our promise

ADISHOPKART may disclose some personal information only to law enforcement offices, owners of third party rights, in good faith that such disclosure is legally necessary to: enforce ADISHOPKART’s Terms or Privacy Policy; protect the rights, property or personal safety of ADISHOPKART’s Buyers or even for the general public. No illegal sharing of data to any other sources will be done at our end. Customer satisfaction is important for us and so private information of users are kept under strict security and can be deleted from our database completely if valid reasons are shown to us for any such request.
The privacy of our customers is highly important for us and we make the best possible effort to protect the same from any misuse or damage which may affect the customers.

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