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Best Online Shopping Store Sports Goods Products in India

Delivery Information

We take pride in the fact that all our shipments are delivered well in time. All you need to do is place the order and we will get your goods delivered to you at your doorsteps within the minimum possible time. Based on your location we specify a minimum delivery time period and take every measure to ensure that your products reach you within this time. We even offer the facility of speed delivery, although this might not be available for all locations. Our promise of timely delivery is applicable even to the export orders, although these products might take a little longer to reach you, they never get delayed beyond our estimated time.

Reasons That Make This Possible

We are well aware of the fact that our timely delivery of goods has played a vital role in ensuring our success. However, this has been made possible through the co-ordination of numerous people working both within our organization and outside it. Listed below are a few reasons that have made it possible for us to fulfil every order successfully and well in time.

  • Our extremely fast manufacturing process, which enables us to provide the desired goods without any compromise in quality
  • Our extremely efficient and speedy packaging and dispatch team that makes every effort to get the goods ready for delivery in the shortest possible time
  • Our through knowledge about thevarious documents, taxes and surcharges that need to be paid for delivery of the goods at different locations
  • Our well maintained and nurtured professional links with various delivery companies across the country for reliable delivery of goods
  • Our well defined set up for preplanning the shipment and taking into considerations various elements that can cause it to get delayed before providing you with an estimated delivery time ·  

Delivery Charges

Unlike other sports goods companies, we do not bundle up the delivery charges with the cost of our products and provide you a promise of “free shipping”. This is because the charges of shipping the goods to different locations are generally different which makes it is unfair to bundle up the delivery cost with the product price. More importantly we consider the shipping of goods to be another service and hence charge for it accordingly. The exact delivery charges will generally depend on the size of your shipment along with the location to which it needs to be delivered. However, we can assure you of one thing and that is we do not make any money through delivery charges as these are mostly used to pay the transporters and for covering the various taxes to get the products to you.

Get What You Need On Time Every Time

With us you are just a click away from getting your favourite sports equipment and accessory delivered to you right on time. Whether you place a small order or a bulk order, we are committed to ensuring that it reaches you within the specified time period every time you shop with us!

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